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What to do and see in Verona? Do not lose your time: read our suggestions for your visit

10 things to do and places to visit during an unforgettable day’s trip in Verona

During your holiday in Veneto and Lido di Jesolo you must spend a day in Verona.

For many people Verona is just the city of the Arena and of Romeo and Juliet’s love story, but it is not. Indeed, in the city you will  feel immersed in art and culture, surrounded by a suggestive atmosphere in the alleys and the squares. It is not by chance that Verona is also called the “Porta d’Italia” (Door to Italy), because it reveals the beauties of Italy to those who come from the North.

To make you fully appreciate the beauty of the city, Adriatico Camping Village offers you a list of 10 things to see in Verona. We remember you that Verona is circa 25 km away from the campsite and you can reach it comfortably by car, train or, taking part in one of our trips, also by bus. 

10 things to see in Verona

  1. The Arena of Verona

Arena of Verona
is a Roman Amphitheater that represents the city, together with the story of Romeo and Juliet. The Arena is the most famous monument of the city and overlooks the panorama.

In the past the Arena hosted the performances of gladiators and the fights with wild animals that took place in the central area, originally covered with “rena”, the sand (from this the Arena takes the name). This part is separated from the terraces where the audience sat with protective nets, to protect them.

The Arena could receive until 30,000 spectators and, indeed, its elliptical shape has been studied in order to host the highest number of people. Today the Arena is the stage of great musical events and since 1913 (year of the first Aida by Verdi) of the summer lyrical period.


  1. Juliet’s House

Juliet’s house
, described by Shakespeare in its drama, is located inside a Medieval tower-palace of the XIII century, at the street number 23 of Via Cappello.

A splendid facade of bricks conducts visitors inside through a big door in Gothic style; on its sides some panels collect notes, signatures and senteces written by lovers. In the front part you can see the famous balcony on which, according to the play, Juliet stand to speak with her Romeo.

If you believe in the legend issued from Shakespeare's drama or not, Juliet’s House is absolutely one of the places to visit in Verona.


  1. Romeo’s House

Not far from Juliet’s House, Romeo’s House is a typical Medieval building and is situated in Via Arche Scaligere. The house is not open for visits but it is possible to admire the Gothic facade of the XIV century and read the front inscription remembering Romeo and Juliet's love story.


  1. Brà Square

Brà Square is one of the biggest squares in Europe, enormous and majestic – its name comes indeed from the German word “breit”, wide. There you can enjoy a splendid view on the Arena and palaces that surrounds it by walking on the liston, the rosa marble of Valpolicella flooring. Evocative and thrilling both during the day and in the evening!


  1. Cathedral of Verona

The Dom of Verona is located in the Medieval area
of the city in a small square. It was build on the remains of two Paleochristian churches that were destroyed by the earthquake of XII century.

The Cathedral, of Roman origin, is one of the most beautiful churches of Verona and you must absolutely visit it both inside and outside.


  1. Piazza delle Erbe

It is considered one of the most beautiful squares of Italy and one of the most magic places in Verona.

Here there are palaces, towers and statues of various periods that give life to a colorful mosaic, still more lively during the days of the open-air market, on Saturdays and Sundays.

The most important buildings of Verona overlook the square Palazzo del Comune, Torre dei Lamberti, Casa dei Giudici, Case dei Mazzanti, Palazzo Maffei and Casa dei Mercanti. In the centre of Piazza delle Erbe there is the Fountain of Madonna Verona, that uses the waters from the river Lori di Avesa.


  1. San Zeno Church

Just outside the centre of Verona you can visit the San Zeno Cathedral, one of the greatest Italian masterpieces of Roman architecture. Its current aspect dates back to the XII century.

According to the legend, during the inondation of Adige river in the sixteenth century, the water arrested just before the doorstep of this Church, place where San Zeno, the eighth bishop of Verona, was buried.

Inside you can admire the San Zeno Pala by Andrea Mantegna that represents the “holy conversation” with the Madonna and the Child.

8. Ponte Scaligero

A magnificient Medieval bridge of red bricks, from where you can see Adige River and take pictures. The bridge, that was built to grant the city an escape route, was completely destroyed during the Word War II and the rebuilt with the remains of the rocks that were refound in the river.


  1. Castelvecchio

Situated on the River, Castelvecchio is a majestic and imposing castle that dates back to the XIV century. A visit in the Castelvecchio lets you time-travel, breathing deep Medieval atmosphere. The castle is divided into two parts: the Reggia degli Scaligeri (the castle itself) and a big courtyard.

Today Castelvecchio hosts a museum with Medieval, Renaissance and Modern artworks, such as “The Holy Family” by Mantegna.


  1. Taste Verona traditional dishes

During your visit, we suggest you to stop in a restaurant or trattoria to taste some typical dishes:

  • la péara: beef meat with a sauce of bread crumbs, cheese, core, soup and black pepper;
  • la pastisada de caval: stew of equine meat with potato dumplings;
  • la pasta e fasoi: pasta and beans;
  • la polenta infasola: corn mush with beans;
  • i nodi d'amore: tortellini produced with a very thin pasta with various meats inside.


Daily trips to Verona proposed by Adriatico Village

Verona and Garda Lake

A trip that will let you find out some of the most significant places of the city: Piazza Brà, Arena of Verona, Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza dei Signori and Juliet’s House, with a guided tour.

During the comeback a stop at Garda Lake with a visit of the city of Sirmione.

Available every Tuesday, with departure from Jesolo at 7.30 a.m.

Price for adults: 60€

Price for children 4-12 years old: 30€

Price for children 0-3 years old: free

Verona Card

At Adriatico Village it is possible to book the Verona Card, valid for 24 hours, that allows free access into all the main monuments of the city, reduced tickets for the major museums and free use of the public means of transport.

Price: 18€ pro person from 6 years old

(children until 7 years old enter in the most of the museum and monuments freely)

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